An Update and a Game

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An Update and a Game

Hey everybody, a quick update on what I’ve been up to work-wise in the close to five weeks since I started working on making my own games:

I am now pretty focused on one digital game that I like! A lot of my time has gone into refining and settling around this concept, and a lot of work will continue to go into this process. Drawing in sketchbooks, writing on the whiteboard, as well as cutting up, coloring, and playing with tons of paper game pieces have all helped get the concept to a place that I’m happy with. I’ve even started to flesh out some concepts in GameMaker, and it feels really nice to see the parts start moving around on screen.

But there’s a whole other aspect to this game making business that I’ve been working on, and that’s “putting the word out.” For me, it’s just as difficult as development itself but much easier to ignore. Tweeting, blogging, facebooking, networking, creating forums, and making this very website all go hand in hand with making my game. Some of these things (such as the awesome Juegos Rancheros events here in Austin) are inspiring and full of nerd-fun while others can be a little intimidating. You know, in an “OH MY GOD HOW HAS EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD CREATED A GAME OF SUCH HEARTBREAKING GENIUS OH THERE’S MY BED, YES I DO THINK I’LL HIDE IN IT FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK” sort of way.

Naturally, I decided to create a game this past weekend about the latter sort of thing.

You can download it for windows here! Sorry mac users 🙁 I made it for Klik of the Month #65  which is a monthly 2-hour game competition and an excuse for the game’s complete and utter sketchiness. Although I did take 10 extra minutes to prevent the game from locking up your computer when it ended so shh… don’t tell anybody.

Take some time to download and play around with it! And of course let me know what you think in the comments below.

And oh, you want to know what’s going on with my real, more than 2-hour game? Welp, you’ll just have to hit one of the “Subscribe via RSS” or “Follow” buttons up there to the right because I am getting a little better at navigating the twitter vortex. Hopefully.

2 Responses

  1. James says:

    I demand more trackpad-friendly games.

    Also, the resolution looked a little off in terms of text placement, but that may be because I was running it on parallels (mac). Is that on my or your end?

    • SamPotasz says:

      Wow, James, thanks. Yes, it’s definitely a lot harder on a trackpad! I completely chucked that due to the two-hour constraint, and the same with cross-platform considerations. Thanks for the persistence to play it in Parallels though!

      I will say though that there is always some part of me that wants to spend more time on each of my small games polishing them up and releasing as something actually playable… I doubt I’ll do that with this, but if I do I know where to turn for beta testing.

      Lastly, for the sake of your wrists, buy a mouse.

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