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beat the thief screenshotBeat the Thief is the premier game showing 8-10 year olds the benefits and dangers of social media. Think you’re smart enough to make new friends without getting your identity stolen? Play and find out.

Designed and developed as Games Team Lead for the Center for Identity at UT Austin. Art by Naftali Beder.


Sometimes I get so caught up taking care of, thinking about, and helping the people around me that I’m the last person on my own mind.

I’ll end up exhausted, angry, and with a huge headache.

This game’s about that danger.

Play it here – Made for the One Game a Month challenge of July 2013     

Guts and Bolts

CLANK! POP! SPLORT! Listen to the music of your very own cyborg that you bring to life in Guts and Bolts. Connect the meaty heart to the metallic lungs, and make sure you’re pumping enough nutrients to power the brain.

I was the programmer on the games team at BrainPOP where we developed Guts and Bolts in collaboration with the Learning Games Network.

Food Fight

It’s a harsh, unforgiving world out there for driver ants. And meerkats. And lions. A two-player turn based strategy game with the goal of building up the Savannah ecosystem to support your species and starve out your opponent.

Originally designed and conceptualized by Dan Roy and Scot Osterweil at the Learning Games Network and realized by the games team at BrainPOP, where I was the programmer.

Yucky Charms

YUM! It’s digital breakfast, y’all! Marshmallows and oat clusters and some sort of blue creature who seems to resent being awake. Can you craft the perfect bite?

Yucky Charms was written after work over the course of a few weeks as a way to learn HTML5 game coding and recreate a game that I played with cereal as a kid.