I Know Nothing About Boardgames

My thoughts on games and making them. Mostly.

I Know Nothing About Boardgames

I thought I knew a thing or two about board games. After all, week-long games of Risk were a Winter Break staple in my family. We played card games after dinner and even owned one crazy game from France!  But most tellingly, after years and years of competitive Monopoly, my friends and I dismissed its strategy as too simple and graduated to Settlers of Catan.

Despite this evidence, I have been mistaken. I don’t know anything about board games.

This was proven to me this past weekend as I attended Tennessee Game Days, a 3-day celebration, convention, and total binge-fest for board games. Serious board games. The likes of which I did not grow up playing.

Knowing that the games I’d be playing would be mostly new to me got me pretty pumped for the event. Of course I was excited to completely nerd out for a weekend and play some freakin’ games, but I was also really looking forward to getting my eyes and hands on fresh game mechanics, ideas, and art. In all those respects, Game Days did not disappoint.

My two days at the convention were chock full of games. I played a ton of games. I also met so many incredibly friendly and welcoming people who shared and taught their games with me, stayed up till the wee hours of the morn buying rail road stock, and yelled and rolled dice furiously while escaping from a temple.

And I definitely saw and learned about some great game design. Which you can read about RIGHT HERE!