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Quotes from “The Artist’s Way” Week 1

I’m going through The Artist’s Way for a second time this summer, and I thought it may be useful for myself and others to gather up all my underlines in one place as a handy reference. It’s truly an amazing and potentially life-changing book which I can not recommend more highly. Check it out for yourself here. This post is focuses on the first chapter, Week 1.

Week 1 – Recovering a Sense of Safety

Shadow Artists

“It takes a great deal of ego strength to say to a well-meaning but domineering parent or a just plain domineering one, “Wait a minute! I am too an artist!” The dread response may come back, “How do you know?” And, of course, the fledgling artist not know. There is just this dream, this feeling, this urge, this desire. There is seldom any real proof, but the dream lives on.” (28)

“It takes nurturing to make an artist. Shadow artists did not receive sufficient nurturing. They blame themselves.” (28)

“they must nurture their artist child. Creativity is play, but for shadow artists, learning to allow themselves to play is hard work.” (29)

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