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Making “Catch and Release” Accssible

I just released “Catch and Release” last week. I’m really happy with it, and you should go play it right now! One thing that I’m proud of is that this is the first game I’ve made where I’ve tried to include accessibility options. To play around with them yourself, click the little gear icon in the top left to access the options menu.

Settings menu for a video game. Showing options to remap keys, increase text size, and change difficulty level.

I decided to include these options so more people can play and that AAA shooters aren’t the only accessible games. Because this is a game about dealing with chronic pain, and not just to show what that pain looks or feels like, but rather to give tools and practice and perspective to live with that pain easier. So to exclude a large portion of people living with chronic pain would be wrong and foolish.

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Rust Bucket is a Game About Presence

I’ve been hooked on Rust Bucket for the past week or so. It’s a clever little rogue-like where you move through an infinite number of procedurally generated rooms that get more deadly as you advance.

Rust Bucket faces a few easy enemies in a dungeon

Level 0 on infinity mode

What’s interesting to me about Rust Bucket though is that it doesn’t feel that difficult. But I keep dying. And after I die, I keep playing again. So what’s going on here?

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Camouflage Exhibit Idea

An idea for adding a simple interactive piece to a science-museum exhibit about camouflage:

A touchscreen device displays an illustrated snapshot of a biome – woods, jungle, coral reef, etc. It’s close-up enough to see patterns on individual leaves, tree bark, rocks, and some animals.

Coral reef scene from Finding Nemo

From http://pichost.me/1490045/

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New Political Game! Initial Thoughts

Way back in May at GLS11, I attended a workshop on designing educational collectible card games run by Selen Turkay. I don’t play CCGs so I didn’t have much experience to draw on, but the word “card” brought to mind House of Cards, and suddenly I was very excited. Everything about that show seemed to me perfect for a board game. There’s the evocative setting of back rooms in swank D.C. hotels, the mad plotting to stay one step ahead of your competitors in the race for power, and of course, a healthy dose of backstabbing. Delicious, delicious backstabbing. The seeds for a political thriller board game were planted.

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Beginning to Design

Here at the Center, I’ve been simultaneously wrapping up one game and starting another. While my first game here was targeted for 3rd and 4th graders about to enter the social media world, this next project is a little more adult. I’m currently designing a game aimed at small business professionals (and people who like playing as some sort of tycoon / mogul / lemonade empress). The game is still very much in the brainstorm phase, and here are a few things I’m trying to keep in mind as I move forward:

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