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My thoughts on games and making them. Mostly.

Rust Bucket is a Game About Presence

I’ve been hooked on Rust Bucket for the past week or so. It’s a clever little rogue-like where you move through an infinite number of procedurally generated rooms that get more deadly as you advance. What’s interesting to me about Rust Bucket though is that it doesn’t feel that difficult. But I keep dying. And…
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I just finished playing The Swapper by Facepalm Games this morning. It hit me just right. Each individual piece of the game is great, and they fit together so well. To start with, the art style is incredible. Everything is textured like… faded rocks? Bones of some sort? Clay? Little hand-made aluminum models? It’s totally unique and compelling.…
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A Better Mousetrap

In the 20 odd minutes I play “To Build a Better Mousetrap,” a disgruntled throng of workers demolishes my plant, and then I summarily go bankrupt. A lot. In TBABM, “a semi-abstract management game,” you manage a factory. Specifically, a factory of mice producing boxes. Or widgets. Or something or other.

I Know Nothing About Boardgames

I thought I knew a thing or two about board games. After all, week-long games of Risk were a Winter Break staple in my family. We played card games after dinner and even owned one crazy game from France!  But most tellingly, after years and years of competitive Monopoly, my friends and I dismissed its…
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