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My thoughts on games and making them. Mostly.

GLS ’14 – Design Takeaways

GLS was an awesome experience, and I learned a ton. I was most interested in improving as a game designer, and I did not come away disappointed. In no particular order, here’s what I’m trying to keep in mind from GLS as I move forward on new game design projects.

GLS ’14 – Day Two Keynote

Continuing my notes from last week’s Games Learning Society conference with points from Day 2’s opening keynote by Scot Osterweil.

GLS Conf 2014: Day 1

I spent last week at GLS. It was an awesome conference. I took lots of notes. Here they are. Below are my notes from Day 1. I went to the keynote (I was lured in by the free coffee!), a follow up chat to the keynote, a design workshop, lunch (surprisingly good!), a story-telling salon, and…
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Games Learning and Society 2014: Playful Learning Summit

I’ve just woken up in my hotel room, drank some surprisingly decent hotel coffee, and watched the second half of Landon Donovan’s the USA’s last-minute 1-0 2010 World Cup victory over Algeria. Suffice it to say I’m amped up on today, the start of the 2014 World Cup. But today is also Day 2 of…
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